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5 Creative Pop Up Displays to Use at Exhibitions

Pop up display stand

From promoting your products and services at a trade show to making a lasting impact on the visitors, pop up displays are a great way to get your message across and design an eye catching and unique exhibition stand. They are very affordable, easily customizable, and deliver maximum flexibility while their ability to be easily assembled and dismantled makes it very easy for you to reuse them. In this way, you get more bang for your buck!
Here are some of the most popular pop up displays that you can use to design and spruce up your exhibition space and make a huge impression at your events.

1. Straight Pop up Stands

These classic pop up stands are made up of expandable aluminium frame, magnetic bars, and easy-to-attach graphics that can be rolled up in to a case. The clip-on panel can be custom designed and printed using a wide range of colors, images, graphics and fonts. These stands can easily fit into shell scheme exhibits.

2. Curved Pop up Stands

The curved frames of these stands make them a great choice for corner exhibition spaces in shell schemes and that’s why they are so popular at tradeshows. The expandable frame and roll able graphics make them easy to set up. Additionally, they are lightweight, and very portable, making them a convenient option. They come in a range of sizes depending on the number of quadrants in the frame.

3. Pop Up Display Counters

If you’re tired of carrying heavy exhibition furniture, pop up display counters are a fantastic alternative for any exhibitor looking to upgrade their exhibition space. Whether you’re working with shell scheme, modular stands or space-only stands, these portable counter tables offer a professional platform for you to interact with your customers.
You can customize their designs to go with your overall branding and easily carry these fold able tables around wherever you go.

4. Pop up Display Fabric Backdrop with Stand

If you’re looking for an even more convenient and lightweight alternative to classic pop up stands, a pop up display fabric backdrop with stand is your best bet. They consist of a single-fabric graphic pulled tight on an aluminium frame giving a seamless look. The fabric graphic panel solves the problem of glaring as well. These stands are very easy to assemble at trade shows and other events.

5. Pop up Display Towers

Pop up display towers are excellent for small exhibiting spaces where you need to make a big impression. They can enhance your trade show stand and even retail exhibition spaces providing all-around view and maximum impact when you have to work with limited space. They are very compact and easy to store and can be used over and over again without any risk of damage.

Pop up displays have made it so much easier to set up creative exhibition booths or spaces without the need of too much space or labor. Use the above mentioned pop up displays to promote your brand like never before.

Use these interesting color schemes and design the most eye-catching promotional counter for your next big event.