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Tips Regarding Trade Show Themes

If you have signed up to take part in a trade show, you need to immediately think about the design of the trade show booth. There are hundreds of different ways in which you can design the exhibit; you can put up a simple booth and put up some banners that embody your brand, or you can hire a professional company for designing the trade show booth. One of the most innovative ways to keep users interested, however, is to incorporate a theme into your trade show. Here are some popular ones that you can choose from.

Arts and Cultural Themes

Decorating your trade show booth in a way so that it resembles a gallery-like setting, something that looks like a scene out of an arts and culture museum, is a fascinating way to decorate your trade show. These themes can be displayed throughout your trade show exhibit. You can put up digital designs around the place to keep users interested. One of the key things that you should know about designing the trade show exhibit is that it should be able to hold the audience there for a longer period of time. If you are able to keep the audience engaged and interested, you will be able to drum up interest in your products.

Location-Based Themes

Location-based themes are extremely common and are a great way to keep users interested. For instance, if you get the products imported from another place, you can design the exhibit to showcase the salient locations of that particular place. For example, if you want a more outdoors-type feel, you can put up a bonfire, some artificial grass, and a small tent. You can even put some inanimate animals and objects in the trade show exhibit to make it bring true to life.

Create a Product Launch-Type Feel Inside

If you have just launched a new product, you can also create a whole “red carpet” kind of feel to create some genuine interest in your products. You can set up stools and pedestals for people to sit as you provide detailed descriptions of the products, and also let people use them to get a better idea of the product.


You can also host a variety of different games at the trade show exhibit to keep users interested. It’s a fun way to keep users interested and to prolong the time they spend at your booth.


If your company donates money for any good cause, you can also tell the attendants to provide details about your donations to let people know that you are doing something good.

Theme It According to the Brand

When creating the theme for your trade show exhibit, try to tie it in with the brand, so that you are able to keep users interested. You can hire a logistics company to help you create a unique theme that ties up with your brand. Try to make the experience as memorable as possible for your audience so that you are able to keep them engaged for a longer period, thus leaving a lasting impression on them.