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6 Colour Schemes to Use for Your Customized Promotional Counters

Selecting colours for promotional counters

The use of colours for your exhibition displays is a form of non-verbal communication with your customers as it gives meaning and emotions to your brand. They play a role in revealing who you are and what you do without really saying so.
Therefore, when you’re designing your promotional display counters, you should give thought to its color scheme. The color scheme is critical in developing your visitors’ perception of your space and your brand.
In this post, we’ll list down some of the best color combinations that you can use to design your promotional counters and why you should go for a particular combination.
So, let’s begin.

1. Blues and Greens

Cool blues and greens create a calming effect especially when put together with white fluorescent lighting and can really help your promotional counter stand out from the rest. This combination is suitable for a variety of industries such as clothing, water, beverages, interior design, and more. Combining blue with gray can also be associated with ice or snow and is an effective color combination if you’re into the business of selling snow gear.

2. Grey and Green

Green is almost always associated with nature with nature, but when combined with grey, it creates a surprisingly urban or high-tech scheme. While using green alone (or in combination with whites) is perfect for brands that are selling healthy, natural, and organic solutions, using green together with grey symbolizes ‘healthy’ technological revolution. It’s great for companies promoting healthy, safe, and Eco-friendly technologies.

3. The Orange Zest

Orange is a combination of red and yellow and it conveys warmth, joy, positivism, and enthusiasm. It is well-suited for companies dealing with food, gaming, children’s products, music, etc. This zesty color is best combined with white or black. While white serves to balance the feast, black introduces a little bit of seriousness in the atmosphere.

4. Red, Yellow, and Black

This colorful and vibrant palette is associated with happiness, warmth and playfulness and can be easily connected to childhood. Yellow is a must-have color for children brands especially those related to toys and play such as Lego, Toy Story, Play-Doh, etc.

5. Pink, Plum and Purple

A pastel palette consisting of shades such as pink, plum and purple is all about beauty and sensuality and is extremely pleasing to the eyes. This color scheme is ideal for beauty brands, women’s clothing, perfumes, chocolates and sweets.

6. Orange, Blue and Grey

Blue and orange are well known for being complementary. While orange is hot and sunny, blue is cool and calming. When put together, they create a stunning visual that’s hard to ignore. From transportation to fashion and even technology, this color scheme is very versatile and can be used by a variety of industries to help them stand out and make some noise.

Use these interesting color schemes and design the most eye-catching promotional counter for your next big event.