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5 Lessons From Apple About Exhibition Display Stands

Business owners and entrepreneurs will often have to attend trade shows and exhibitions as part of their promotional strategy. Getting the process right is essential, and it could mean the difference between your company becoming a household brand or disappearing into obscurity. With that in mind, we have some excellent tips from Apple today that should help to point you in the right direction and provide some much-needed inspiration. Try to use this advice when designing and creating your next exhibition stand, and you should notice the difference straight away.

1 - Use a functional design

Steve Jobs once pointed out that effective design is about more than just making your stand look attractive. It also needs to remain functional at all times. So, be sure to consider any size restrictions, and think long and hard about how you plan to use the product. Will you want to stand speaking to potential clients at the stand or do you have somewhere quiet to go? Does the stand need to have places where you can keep promotional materials? You get the idea, right?

2 - Replicate your competitors

Representatives from Apple also claim there is no harm in researching your competition and replicating their ideas when it comes to exhibition stands. Maybe you discover a rival firm has come up with a concept for their stand that will work well for your company? So long as you don’t copy their strategy outright; you can always take inspiration from their approach.

3 - Keep it simple

Steve Jobs once said that “simple can be harder than complex.” What he meant by that was that seemingly straightforward designs sometimes require more work to create than seemingly complicated alternatives. With that in mind, get back to basics, and only use elements that are critical to your success. Don’t waste time trying to look impressive. Instead, impress people with your knowledge, products, and services.

4 - Use consistent branding

According to experts from Apple, the biggest mistake people can when creating exhibition stands relates to poor use of branding. All exhibition displays you create should feature the same branding elements you use for your website, promotional materials, and everything else. Stick to the same colour schemes, and make sure you use the same logo.

5 - Use striking colours and imagery

It’s sometimes hard to stand out from the crowd at trade shows and exhibitions, and that is why companies tend to ask for professional help when designing their stands. Steve Jobs and his partners used to say colour and imagery are the best tools at your disposal. As specialist exhibitions builders in Melbourne, we couldn’t agree more.

Now you know about some excellent advice from one of the most successful companies of the last two decades; you should be in a better position to achieve the desired results when attending your next trade show or exhibition. Vivid Advertising employs a top team of exhibitions builders in Melbourne today, and we are happy to help you with every step of the process. So, contact our team today!