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3 Advantages of Using Portable Trade Show Displays

Portable trade show displays

Large exhibition stands and displays aren’t the perfect fit for every exhibitor. A lot depends on your budget and the marketing needs of your brand. And if you’re a frequent exhibitor, you might need to be more economical with your resources such as the tools, equipment, employees, exhibition space, and design. Portable pop up trade show displays are an impressive yet cost-effective option while allowing you to create a visually remarkable exhibition booth.
Portable trade show displays differ vastly in style, design, and application and can range from table throws and banner stands to pop up counters, media walls, and backlit panels. Here are all the advantages you get when using these portable exhibits to create a lasting impact on your customers.

1. They Are Budget Friendly

Portable pop up trade show displays will not hit your budget the way custom-built exhibition displays will. They cost significantly less. Moreover, they are compact, light weight, and can be easily dismantled into smaller components which cuts down shipping and transportation costs. You will also not be spending money to hire contractors for setting them up as they are pretty easy to install and dismantle. These displays are also designed to withstand rigors of repeated use. That means once you invest in these tools, they will last for several years so you can reap the maximum benefit on your investment.

2. Impressive Appearance and Visual Impact

Going with portable trade show displays as a budget friendly option does not mean you have to give up on the quality or the necessary wow factor for your exhibition booth. These displays offer a wide range of options in terms of customized designs, graphics, colors, and other ways to highlight your branding.
The variety of portable displays means that multiple portable exhibits can be grouped together to create versatile and unique exhibition spaces. Some of the creative options include arches, columns, and backlit boxes. These portable pop up displays are a solution that is ready to meet all your designing needs and will not fail to impress visitors.

3. Easy to Revise or Update with Changing Marketing Needs

Portable tradeshow displays are built keeping longevity and repeated use in mind.  So, you can use them over several seasons. However, as your marketing and promotional needs will change from time to time, you wouldn’t have to design new displays every time. These displays come with the option of easy revisions or updates. You can swap out the graphics as your promotional messages change. This is even possible if you’re exhibiting for a number of days at the same trade show.

Portable trade show displays focus on both functionality and visual appearance. With vivid graphics, the right shapes and sizes, and compelling brand messages, you can create an effective exhibition booth using portable displays, while staying within budget.