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Choose Vinyl Banners over Digital Banners

Why Your Business Should Choose Vinyl Banners over Digital Banners

Should your business opt for vinyl banners or digital banners? You may have been asking yourself this question for some time. Granted, the world is in a digital era right now. For this reason, anything digital is likely to appear more attractive. You are more likely to choose digital solutions over any other. To answer this question properly, though, you would need to consider the advantages of both types of banners.

Before doing that, it would be good to look at the benefits of banner advertisement.

Benefits of Banner Ads

One of the benefits is you have your banner in the shortest time possible to begin advertising an upcoming special event or promote your business and its products. Time is of the essence in today’s business environment. Everything has to move at top speed. Additionally, it’s possible to transfer any image you want on to the banners using full-color printing. The banners are also cost effective and able to resist the effects of wear and tear thus serving you for years.

Now that you know the benefits, which one should you go for?

Base your choice on cost

Here, your choice would probably be determined by cost. How much does it cost you to print a vinyl banner or a digital one? For the most part, vinyl banners are less costly. For this reason, you are better off spending money on the vinyl. Digital banners are not the most expensive type of signage. Nevertheless, they cost more because of the many benefits and features they offer. You are likely to pay more for digital banners because they:

  1. Are highly efficient
  2. Are not susceptible to vandalism and the elements
  3. Offer increased dynamism that allows you to change the ad published on it anytime
  4. Work just as perfectly indoors as they do outdoors
  5. Are visible from a long distance

You should invest in vinyl banners if your business finds digital ones costlier.

Disadvantages of digital banners

For all their advantages, digital banners also possess a few drawbacks. For example, they only work well when installed in places where they are easy to access and service. Businesses that wish to advertise their products across a large area (such as a country) will be greatly disadvantaged in using digital banners. They are too costly for short-term marketing and advertising campaigns. Moreover, they only handle a limited spectrum of photos and designs.

Therefore, do not hesitate to spare money for vinyl banners.

They are perfect for commercial ads. They can be installed outdoors and indoors.

Just be careful not to expose the vinyl banners to harsh weather, which can damage them.