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Types of Banner Stands

Budget Banner Stands

The stand for our budget pull up banner is made of anodised aluminium, whereas the premium version is made from either black or silver aluminium, depending on which you choose.

The budget banner stand comes in three sizes, small (measuring 800 mm in width by 1400 mm in height), medium (measuring 800mm in width by 2000mm in height), and large (measuring 1000mm in width by 2000mm in height). The premium banner stand comes in medium and large sizes, but not small.

Both the premium and budget banner stands are ideal for events, enabling businesses to advertise their messages and advertisements to an audience.

The Double-Sided Fabric Banner Stand

The double-sided fabric banner stand is a banner stand with your company message or advertisement printed on both front and back. Just like the budget and premium banner stand, the double-sided fabric banner stand is an excellent way to market your business.

You can choose between a black or silver base on the double-sided, as well as between two sizes, small and large. The small double-sided banner stand measures 850mm in width by 1400mm in height while the large measures 850mm in width and 2000mm in height. The double-sided fabric banner stand is pulled tightly across the frame and then secured with a zippered bottom.

Premium Pull Up Banners

Premium pull up banners offer a higher quality finish, improving the aesthetic appeal of your advertisement. Like budget banner stands, they are quick and easy to set up. All you need to do is extend the telescopic pole and then unravel the banner before securing it to the top of the pole.