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Storing and Maintaining Custom Vinyl Banners

What is the Best Way of Storing and Maintaining Custom Vinyl Banners Signs?

For the most part, the materials used for making custom Vinyl Banners Signs signs are durable. That explains why you can use the banners for years or repeatedly without damaging them. All the same, it’s important to learn how to maintain and store the banners properly if you intend to use them more than once.

Below are a few tips to help you with this.

Selecting the right place for the banners

Custom Vinyl Banners Signs need to stand or hang at the right place. Most users prefer installing the banners vertically or against a wall. Ensure that the wall is thoroughly cleaned first before installing your banner. Remove any grease, soot or dirt that could be transferred on to the banner’s inner surface from where it could wreak havoc.

Soot and grease are notorious for causing banners to lose their shine and attractiveness.

They are responsible for making banners to last a short time than was initially envisaged.

Great care during installation

Great care is a necessity when installing the banners too. Where possible, let the banner maker install it for you. The installers always do it without stretching the banner beyond its limits. Overstretching the banners causes them to develop straining. Eventually, the straining makes the banners susceptible to the elements thus reducing their longevity substantially.

Proper ways of cleaning the Vinyl banners

First, clean your hands properly before touching these custom Vinyl Banners Signs. Avoid applying hand creams on your hand either. Hand creams often leave a stain behind, which makes the banner appear dirtier. Wear special gloves when cleaning, installing or handling the Vinyl Banners Signs in any way.

Iron the banners if you notice them with wrinkles. Wrinkling and cramping are the effects of using the banners over a lengthy period. Wrinkling and cramping are difficult to remove. Ironing works well most of the time. However, iron the banners carefully to avoid damaging them any further. Avoid using excessively hot irons though.

Storing Vinyl banners

Lastly, you have to choose the right place for storing the custom Vinyl Banners Signs. The place you choose should be dry. Avoid wet or damp places. Two, roll the banner instead of folding it before storing. Folded banners are more prone to wrinkling and creasing. Store the banner after cleaning it. Check that it’s completely dry before storing.

Storing wet banners would be preparing them to mildew.