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Rollup Banners: Great Portable Promotional Tools

Rollup Banners: Great Portable Promotional Tools

What are Rollup Banner Stands?

Rollup banner stands are a common promotional tool used by corporates and companies. Many who say they do not know what they are have possibly seen them in their life nonetheless or know them by their other alternative names such as retractable banners , pull up banners, display banner stands, tradeshow banner stands, popup display banners, etc. These are banners that advertise a company in a bright and attractive manner and are cost effective. They can be placed at points of interest where a lot of people from the target audience are expected to pass, such as at exhibitions and trade shows. The roll-up banners are stand up banners, meaning that they are physically supported by a stand and the “roll-up ” aspect comes from the fact that they can be rolled down easily when not in use.

Today, many companies use this simple yet effective tool for the advertisement and promotion of their brand, services, or products.

Rollup Banners As Promotional Tools

Companies, advertising agencies, businessmen and businesswomen spend millions in expenses to go to trade shows, exhibitions, workshops, etc. to promote their company at a global or international level. Whether a company is a small startup company or a huge operational firm, all of them focus on a single aspect when it comes to marketing: making their company, products, and services as visible to their target audience as possible. Small and medium companies focus on expanding their recognition in their location and big firms focus on getting visibility at a national, if not global, level. To achieve the sort of recognition they want, the answer is promotion and clear adverts that will grab the viewers’ attention, and this is exactly the element that rollup banner stands offer to the companies.

Companies are able to promote themselves anywhere in the world in a cost effective manner all the while ensuring that the advert is information, attention grabbing, and of high quality. Such are the rollup banners that are offered at Vivid Ads – made of high quality fabric, a durable stand, and smooth rolling functionality. Any of your adverts can be displayed in all varieties of colors, and text, symbol, and image content.

Portability Makes Rollup Banners the Best Promotional Tools

With a plethora of advertising tools available out there, one may wonder why rollup banners are so popular and widely renowned. In fact, not only are they renowned but are also considered to prevail over many other promotional tools. The reason behind this comes from the fact that rollup banner stands have many advantages.

Frequent business travelers will understand how hard it can be to go a trade show or exhibition out of country or city and manage to advertise their exhibition or company there. It is very expensive to get advertising boards when you are out of country and also time consuming – time, that you probably do not have since you are on a trip with limited amount of days to spend as per the return date on your ticket. Of course, you could get advertising booths shipped to where you are going but that is very expensive and only some of the major global firms like Coca Cola are able to invest funds in such an expensive manner. Additionally, there is also the problem of taking your promotional tools from the hotel or accommodation you are staying at to the points of exhibitions and seminars. For all these factors, businesses need a cost effective and portable solution and the answer lies in the form of rollup banners.

Rollup banners are significantly cheaper than billboards, advert booths, and the like. This makes them cost effective, hands down. Secondly, they are lightweight, and more importantly, they are rollup and retractable, meaning that they can easily be rolled into a rolled up form into the base that acts like a stand when they are in use, and hence, can be transported easily, be it in a plane, train, or taxi cab. Add all of that to the fact that companies that comes to exhibitions and tradeshows with rollup banners look dedicated, professional, and like they know what they doing, which subtly attracts customers and potential consumers.

Rollup banners main feature is that they are rollup so they are efficiently designed into a smooth functionality that makes it easy for people to roll them up and out into a banner that exhibits the company’s advert and just as easy to roll them down and inside into a rolled up form for easy management and portability. Many rollup banners can also come with carrying cases for even better portability features. Many people wonder that since they are so portable, they must be too small for proper advertising but that is false – when rollup banner stands are opened up into full, they create huge stand up banners that grab people’s attention and are not small adverts at all. Businesses use these commonly all over the world so that little doubt is eradicated easily.

All in all, since retractable banners or rollup banner stands are so compact, easy to use, and lightweight, they make for the most affordable and most efficient tool for promotional means. Of course, it goes without saying that they are also reusable so that saves a lot of future costs too – they can be used over and over at different places, trade shows, and seminars.

At Vivid Ads, the canvas quality, ease of rollup functionality, stand stability, and proper size, all are put into thorough deliberation to ensure that the companies get what they want out of pullup banners: portability, bright and attractive advertisement, easy opening and closing of retractable standup banners, and quality for reuse. With our rollup banners, you can rest assured that your exhibitions and shows have promotional tools that are cost effective yet efficient in delivering their advertising purpose.