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How Your Business Can Use Custom Outdoor Vinyl Banners for Advertisment

How Your Business Can Use Custom Outdoor Vinyl Banners for Ads

Businesses need all the tools they can get to market their products and services to clients better and more efficiently. Over the years, most businesses have relied on word of mouth ads. Most of them have also embraced traditional methods of advertising, which include print and electronic media. Some have seen the benefits that arise out of using vinyl banners, especially custom outdoor vinyl banners.

So, how can your business use custom outdoor vinyl banners for ads?

This question is quite simple to answer, really.


The vinyl banners, especially custom outdoor ones, are a platform designed specifically for advertising. If they are to be more effective, however, your business has to customise and place them outdoors. Location is important. The banners have to be outside where they are more visible to passersby and people looking for the exact type of product and service that your business sells.

Placement is crucial. Place them in easy to see areas.

Avoid placing them where they are likely to cover your business name.


Message on the custom outdoor vinyl banners has to be short and concise. Avoid filling it with huge amount of words. Keep the message sweet and short. Clarity is an important factor in any ad posted on vinyl banners. Clients should not be in any doubt regarding the message you are passing on to them. Limit the message to between 5 and 8 words. While keeping the message short, use the kind of tone and language that is exciting and persuasive.

Round it all up with a solid call to action!

Clear Design

As much as possible, try to avoid a design that seems to be all over the place. Keep the design – just like the message, language and tone – clear and simple. This way, the vinyl banner will be visible to everybody. Use the right combination of colour too. Incorporate your brand colours. Nevertheless, go with a different colour combination if your brand colours will only cause more confusion. For the best results, you should choose one of the following combinations:

  1. Black on yellow
  2. Yellow on black
  3. Black on white
  4. White on blue

Research shows that any of these color combinations would be the easiest to read.

In summary, learn how to use custom outdoor vinyl banners to spread more news regarding what your business is all about. Use the tips listed above to create the right message on your banners for maximum benefits and effect. Choose the tone and language on the message posted on the banners carefully. Use the right combination of colors. Find the right area for placing the banners. Check that the banners have clear designs.