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Features of Rollup Banners

Features of Rollup Banners

Advertising is the fuel of a business’s productivity and success. Every business deals with selling services or products so naturally, all businesses need effective business marketing and promotional strategies. They cannot just stick to a single technique of marketing because the more your promotion techniques are diverse, the better the chances are of your business receiving a good load of potential customers and visibility in the competitive market. Among the best promotional tools, today is the tool of rollup banners (also known as retractable banners, pull up banners, or display banner stands).

Rollup banners are a good medium of advertising as they are clear and vivid, efficient in grabbing viewers attention, high quality, and cost-effective so they suit all businesses budgets, be it small, medium, or large. The trend of rollup banners has entered every field of business considering they are reusable advertisement means. There are numerous features to rollup banners that make them so renowned.

Main Features of Rollup Banners

Competing against the surplus of advertising and promotional means available in the market today, the simple yet efficient tool of rollup banners manages to excel. This outstanding tool is widely used and popular because of its main features and their uses that are listed below.

Promotional Tool

This feature goes without saying but since it is the most prominent feature, it cannot go unnoticed. Rollup banners are great promotional tools for the purpose of tangible advertising. While they can be used, many companies use this promotional tool to advertise a sale or great discounts or new arrivals, etc. Additionally, they are mostly used by companies at points of interest with the target audience, such as seminars and workshops.


Companies can get their adverts printed upon the large and attractive canvas of the rollup banner however they please. They can advertise their company or brand or some specific service or product, or perhaps even a company workshop or exhibition. The advert can be in all the colors they want and it can consist of images, text, and symbols, making it easy for companies to deliver what they want to say to the viewers. Additionally, the canvas is large so the text is easily readable and attracts eyes immediately and the quality of the canvas, at least of the rollup banners provided by Vivid Ads, are high quality and with bright and sharp colors to them.


The rollup banners at Vivid Ads feature a durable and stable stand so that the rollup display banners can be placed indoors and outdoors. Many people place their banners outdoors so that the entering audience can get a glimpse of the advert, making it hard to miss. For this, the stand is high quality and stands against wind and can bear the sunlight, despite being lightweight.

Rollup & Portability

This feature makes rollup banners stand out from all the other promotional means. Our rollup banner stands at Vivid Ads have a smooth rollup and retractable function that can easily pop out your banner in full bright glory or it can easily be rolled down into the stand, making it easy to carry and portable. Business people love this feature as it enables them to take their advertising to different cities, seminars, workshops, exhibitions, towns, and even countries. Whether they are travelling by plane, train, or car, this advertising tool can be taken anywhere.

Cost Effective

When compared to other eye-grabbing ads like billboards, rollup banners are really affordable. Add that to the fact that they can be reused in different places on the single one time purchase and they become even more cost-effective. Small businesses and large businesses alike can benefit from retractable banner stands.

Easy Installation

This is yet another feature that makes rollup banners stand out over the others. It requires little, extremely minimal amount of manpower to setup and install. Anyone can easily open the banner and place it in their designated place. In order to move them to another place, rolling them down is just as easy and efficient. It takes literally minutes to set up. The technology of rollup banners actually focuses on practicality and ease of handling, so it only makes sense that they have the easiest installation means.

Roll up banners can be purchased in various sizes, styles, and qualities so you can get one that suits your requirement, location of interest, and business, and then you can get your designated ad printed upon it. Trade shows and seminars are usually the places where businesses choose to place their rollup banners but that, however, is no restriction, and you can use it anywhere, such as the entrance of your office building or the like. People can see the advert from afar as it is eye catching and can come read the details to get a closer look, maintaining their interest. It is also beneficial to place them in places where people usually wait, such as waiting rooms or payment queue offices. People, when they have time to spend, will generally take an interest in the banner.

These rollup banners are not just to be used for indoors but suit outdoor places as well. Companies choose to place their banners outside when they want a higher amount of people to see and read their adverts.  Pull up banners are large and quite attractive with their bright surfaces and colours so that makes it easy to grab people’s attention. Of course, while they stand stable and secure, these retractable banners are quite lightweight, designed for easy carrying so you can move them from one place to another if you think the current place is not suitable. This adds flexibility that billboards and posters cannot provide.

To see a range of rollup banners and purchase according to your likes and suitability, you can easily browse through the items we offer here at Vivid Ads. Our purpose, as the name suggests, is to offer vivid and bright ads and rollup banners make just the right tools for such a purpose.