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Top Best Video Editing Apps and Software for Desktop and Phone

With the rise of smartphones, video production has blown up. Creating video content to promote your brand or organization to accomplish goals requires the tools that make your video more attractive to the viewers. Nowadays, due to COVID's pandemic marketing strategy being the most efficient way to promote your brand or any business, video is the most important part of this strategy. Now professional photographers and for personal use, people carry film studio to capture, edit and publish their videos. Consequently, video editing apps rise. To create quality video, the latest and most reliable software is necessary. You have these types of tools that are readily available at affordable prices.

The below-mentioned apps are used to edit videos and make videos more appealing. Whether you are making videos for YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, these apps will help you a lot in editing videos.

  1. Magisto
  2. Hyperlapse
  3. Wondershare Filmora
  4. InShot

Instagram Video editing apps

These apps allow you to edit quickly and upload amazing videos to your Instagram account and many other social media apps.

  1. Magisto

Vimeo is the owner of Magisto, it allows you to make amazing videos. In three steps you can edit videos: First, choose the video editing style, then select the videos or photos you want to edit, in last you’ll choose music from the Magisto library. Every app has its cons and pros so let’s have a look at it:


  • It has a friendly interface for beginners.
  • It has business and professional plans and also a free pro subscription.
  • For hassle-free creation, its templates are easy to use.
  • For Windows and macOS online version is available.


  • It has no multi-track editing.
  • Within professional plan stock videos are only accessible.
  • Unless you upgrade the premium watermark of “Created with Magisto” will appear in the free online app.
  • It is suitable for short videos which is less than 3 minutes.


  1. Hyperlapse

Instagram created this app itself, which compress videos into hyper-speed videos and you can upload these videos on Instagram and Facebook. Hyperlapse has the feature of choosing different speeds. You can minimize the video speed like 40-second video will reduce into 7-second video with the speed of 6X. It's very amazing to capture that usually lasts a while.


  • You can click the videos directly from the app camera.
  • To get started with this app no need to sign up.
  • To speed up process videos it’s an easy way.


  • There is no multi-track editing in this app, 4K exporting and many other features.
  • Into the app, you can’t import already import filmed videos.
  • Speeding up videos is the only ability of this app.
  • If video saves in your gallery that will take storage.
  1. Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare Filmora is suitable for editing basic videos and have the opportunity to go to the advanced levels. You can create audience ready videos for different platforms and it is perfect for Instagram videos creation.


Wondershare Filmora is for windows and mac computers, where its mobile app is free to download for both iOS and Android mobiles. Filmora has “Easy mode” that offers you to drag and drop videos, add music and other amazing features which is very easy to use. FilmoraGo had an effect store where you can add themes, transitions into your videos. Wondershare Filmora watermark appears on videos but you can remove it by upgrading their premium plan.


  • The Mobile version of this app is very easy to use, have stickers and a variety of filters available.
  • This app is suitable for beginners and advanced level users for video editing.
  • It is free for mobile users and desktops its per year price plan is less than 50$.
  • You can add different music to the background through its mobile app.
  • In the desktop version, it has more features of editing and multi-track editing capabilities.


  • Watermarked Wondershare appears on videos if you are using its free trial.
  • For desktop Its free trial is available, but it is not free for desktop apps.
  1. InShot

InShot is a simple and easy to use the app you can trim, add filters, speed up and add music to videos. You can add background also in this app and overlap images.  


  • It has a music library and other royalty options.
  • This app rating is 4.8 on the Apple play store over 1M ratings
  • It is the best app for beginners and easy to use
  • You can add music and voice over also


  • Within paid subscription filters and stickers are available.
  • For desktops, this app is not available.
  • Watermark will invisible until you get paid subscription.

Video Editing Tools

On the play store video editing apps for android growing day by day. To make you more informed choice for the latest video editing apps, this article will give you the choice to select the best editing app.

  1. WeVideo
  2. Filmr
  3. Splice
  4. Adobe Premiere Rush
  5. PicPlayPost
  6. Blender
  7. Lightworks
  8. Shotcut
  9. VSDC video editor
  10. Machete Video Editor Lite
  11. Avidemux
  12. HitFilm
  13. VideoShow
  14. PowerDirector
  15. Quik
  16. KineMaster
  17. VivaVideo

The following are free mobile apps of all the free software listed below.

  1. WeVideo

It is cloud-based video editing software, instead of directly downloading to your hard drive you can access it via browser. WeVideo is the most popular program leading. It has a variety of advanced features including a music library, editing ability, share videos in 4k resolution. Its free version has some limitations.


It has cloud storage of just 10GB, it is a disadvantage if you are editing multiple videos, more space is needed. If you are editing a video you don’t need to worry about the space. The free version leaves a watermark on your videos. It has free and paid plans also available for desktop.


  • 4K exporting is available.
  • From any device, you can access your videos.
  • It has a cheap paid version starting from 4.99$.


  • On a free subscription, only 480p is the maximum resolution.
  • The Watermark of WeVideo is visible unless you get paid version.
  • On the free version, it offers 10Gb storage and 5 minutes of publishing.
  1. Filmr

This editing app is for android as well as iOS devices. It is a super easy, fast app for beginners and advanced video creators. You can filters, effects, transitions to transform your video into a super cool video. This app gained a 4.4 average rating over 1 million users on Google Playstore.



  • You can import unlimited videos and images from this app.
  • To transform videos many filters and effects are available.
  • To change your text style multiple fonts are present.
  • It has a royalty-free music library.
  • It allows smooth transitions for videos.

This app is free to use but have a watermark on videos if you use the free version. Its paid version starts from 15$ per month.


  • Directly capture video from app and edit.
  • You can set the duration to specific seconds during the transition.
  • To any social app directly export the video or save.
  • By watching ad watermark can be removed.


  • Before saving the resolution of the video cannot choose.
  • It has limited filters.
  • On the app, there is no option of voice over.
  • In the android version, there is no undo.
  1. Splice

Splice allows you to join different videos and make a collage. To add music splice has a variety of music available in its library to make the video more interesting. In Video from one scene to another, you can customize transition length, trim and edit different scenes of videos.


  • It has a user-friendly interface.
  • No sign-in is required to use this app.
  • It is very easy to use.
  • For a free subscription, no watermark appears.
  • With layers and masks, multi-track editing is available.


  • For paid subscription effects and music are available.
  • Its subscription plan starts at 2.99$ per week and 12.97$ per month.
  1. Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe premiere is the free video editor for your phones and desktop. Adobe automatically set the music of your choice on your video as like on Magisto. Adobe Premiere features allow you to drag and drop clips of videos and images directly from your phones, help you trim, fast video speed, edit videos and share these edited video clips directly on social media apps.


  • 4K export is available with the paid version.
  • For adobe users, it’s a natural choice.


  • For free users limited storage space is available.
  • On android users, some crashing issues reporting when exporting.
  1. PicPlayPost

PicPlayPost is a simple app that allows you to make video collages. You can splice two videos add music and also voice over to explain the video theme or whatever you want to tell your viewers.




  • You can create GIFs and capture photos
  • 4K exporting is available in this app


  • Watermark of PicPlayPost appeared in videos unless you get paid version
  • Many varieties of features available only on a paid subscription
  • You can’t paste text from another app and then paste it this app

Video Editing Apps for YouTube

The below video editing apps are not for mobiles, you can edit videos through these apps on PC to create amazing videos for YouTube channels.

  1. Blender

Blender is a full-blown 3D animation suite that allows for rendering, motion tracking and modelling. It has a variety of features available including adjustment layers, speed control, transitions, filters and many more. For adding video clips 32 slots are available for images, video clips, audio clips, effects to produce complex and amazing videos.

All the features of this tool are immense for amateur video editing. Blender is the best option if you want to create a professional video without watermarks. According to its website, you can use the blender for any purpose to edit videos for commercial videos, education or others.


  • By using this app you can animate, render and model videos
  • Across multiple platforms, blender use has a long history


  • For beginners, it is a little bit difficult to use
  1. Lightworks

Lightwork is more advanced video editing software than Blender. It’s been used to edit some famous and award-winning videos like The wolf of wall street, the King’s speech and many more. It is available in free form and paid version. The paid version has more features like advanced project sharing and stereoscopic output. The free version has also some amazing features like it has Multicam editing and 100+ effects.


  • Exporting up to 4K is available
  • You can purchase its lifetime subscription for 437.99$ so don’t need to worry to get paid again
  • Across multiple platforms, it also has a long history of use like Blender
  • Even in the free version, it has multi-track editing and timelines
  • From the desktop app, you can access the royalty-free audio and videos


  • For titles and subtitles, it has limited options.
  • While importing video clips users have reporting format issues.
  • For the beginner, it is difficult to learn.
  1. Shotcut

Shotcut is another video editing software that can be used for free. Its interface is tricky to use but you can use it to edit professional videos. Shotcut was developed from the Linux platform that’s why it is difficult and different to use from typical windows or Mac.

Using this software to edit and export high-quality videos is free. This software has sections of How to guide and frequently asked questions.


  • It has a variety of features available
  • You do not need to upgrade because it is completely free


  • It is difficult to navigate for some users.
  • Compared to other apps like FinalCut it is less intuitive even for experienced editors.
  • Beginners could get it difficult when they start to use it.
  1. VSDC Free video editor

VSDC free video editor is suitable for creating professional videos. Its free version has powerful features that allow colour correction, blurring, hiding and audio editing. You can design a video by adjusting the colour according to the content. Its pro version price plan starts at 19.99$ per month.


  • You can share editing videos directly to Youtube, Vimeo and other platforms.
  • Its free version has premium features like 4K exporting, masking and blending modes.


  • It has not used a friendly interface.
  • A steep learning curve is reported by users.
  • If you are using the free version you have to pay for support.


  1. Machete Video Editor Lite

It allows editing different sections of video by trimming, copying and pasting. This app only supports AVI and WMV video formats. This app is trouble-free, you can edit your video clips just in a few minutes as it has a simple interface.


  • You can simply download it and use its amazing and user-friendly interface.
  • This app has editing and slicing abilities.


  • You can’t replace or edit the audio.
  • With limited support documents website is outdated.
  • You can export only WMV and AVI files.
  1. Avidemux

Due to its easy interface, it is best suitable for beginners to edit and make the video fascinating. It has basic editing tools that trim, apply filters and splice the video clips.


  • It is best for cutting and slicing video clips as it has a simple interface.
  • It supports multiple file formats such as Microsoft proprietary ASF, MPEG, AVI and MP4.
  • Simply downloading then start using and it has a very easy learning curve.


  • Compared with other apps it has limited features.
  1. HitFilm

It has all the features that a basic editor would have including audio editing, trim, splice and many more. Some users find it a little advanced so it is the best free editing app as it has 150+ effects, audio and video filters, 3D video export.



  • It is the mix between Adobe premium pro and Adobe After Effects
  • It has awesome abilities like export queues, unlimited transitions & tracks and mask rendering.
  • Without a price tag, it is the professional video editor.
  • For easy voice-overs, it has built a voice recorder.


  • It has reporting crashing issues sometimes.
  • A learning curve is experienced by beginners.

Video Editing Apps for Android

These video editing apps are for Android devices, although these apps are well-suited for android systems.

  1. VideoShow

It is a free editing app for android and iOS. It has a range of templates, music, themes, filters, effects that let you apply different effects and filters. You can trim, compress and duplicate video through this app. It offers HD resolution, you can share video in 720 or 1080p.

By upgrading the app for 7.99$ monthly, you can enjoy its advanced features like removing the watermark, scrolling and much more.


  • It has an expansive music library.
  • It is easy to use.
  • For free users HD exports are available.


  • If you are a free user watermark with VideoShow appeared unless you get paid version.
  • Without paid version, the video cannot be exported.
  1. PowerDirector

It has almost all the basic functions of the desktop version into a mobile interface. To make your videos professional it offers 4K editing and multi-track editing. Its interface is easy to use if you have no editing experience, you learn in just a few minutes. For audio editing it allows the audio mixer to design your clips. If you upgrade its paid version it allows you to export in 4K.


  • On video clips, it allows adding animated titles and text.
  • PiP overlays offer to create video collage.
  • Few clicks required you can trim, rotate and splice the video.
  • Drag & drop apply transitions and effects.



  • It has multi-track editing and timelines.
  • It has amazing features including motion graphics, keyframe controls and green screen editing.
  • New features like templates and graphics are updated after some time and users will use these new features.


  • Some users facing crashing issues.
  1. Quik

Quik is a free video editing app, easy to use. You can edit the video in just a few clicks. It can automatically add transitions, apply beats and effects to create beautiful shareable edits. It makes your editing easy by automatically adjusting filters and transition and in end lets you customize details. This is a free app for video editing.


  • It has an HD 1080p export feature.
  • Its quality is 100% with unlimited backup.
  • You can add up to 75 photos and videos from your phone gallery, cloud.
  • It has a music library with more than 100 songs.
  • It has various video dimensions like cinema, portrait and square.
  • It is suitable for motion photos.


  • It does not leave the watermark.
  • It can import photos automatically from the camera.
  • It is great for basic editing.
  • It has a mural feature that helps you to create shots for separate events.
  • This app is intuitive and easy to use.
  • To match the video beat auto edit feature is available.


  • Your video keeps on the cloud for a limited time so you cannot video any time you want.
  • From its manufacturer this software no longer receives updates.
  • It has no undo option.
  • When you upgrade to GoPro Plus you only have access to the cloud.
  1. KineMaster

It is easy to use video editor for android devices and has powerful features. It has more than 2000 transitions, effects, images and filters. Its premium version has 4K exporting and unlimited exports. It has a 4.4 rating based on 4,511,621 users.


  • With blending mode, it has beautiful effects.
  • It has voice over, voice changers and background music.
  • You can share on YouTube, Dropbox and Facebook.
  • To make your video more amazing it has stickers, font styles, in-built graphics and transitions.


  • You can share videos directly on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.
  • It has features like blending modes, multi-track editing and layers.
  • In this app 4K exports are available.
  • Its rating is 4.5 stars over 3 million reviews on the Play store.


  • This app operates only in horizontal mode.
  • It’s difficult to use for beginners.
  • On the free version, it has limited access to features.
  • If you don’t upgrade its paid version, the watermark of KineMaster will be visible.
  1. VivaVideo

This app is free to use for android users has all the basic functions required for video editing as well as advanced features. It is one of the broadest editing apps as it has features like editing with transitions, combining videos, adding songs on pictures and videos and many more. To edit your video it has hundred of animated clips, effects, stickers and filters. You can directly share editing videos on social media apps like Facebook, Instagram. Over one million users it has a 4.6 rating.

It is free to use but you can purchase the premium version that is available every month for 2.23$ and yearly membership for 11.85$.


  • Even for beginners, it is easy to use.
  • It has hundreds of music available in the expansive music library.
  • It has a slow-motion video creator.
  • To layer voice clips and music it allows multi-track editing.
  • You can trim clips and place where ever you want.
  • It has many effects, templates and filters available.


  • It will create issues when the app update.
  • For videos, it has a time limit of five minutes.
  • Difficult to manage at a time more than one video.
  • Ads on the free version will create issues while editing videos.

Video Editing Software

  1. Camtasia
  2. Final Cut Pro
  3. video
  4. Adobe Premiere Pro
  5. VideoPad
  6. InVideo
  7. Videobolt Pro
  8. Lumen5
  9. iMovie
  10. Movaavi Video Editor
  11. BeeCut
  12. Hitfilm Express
  13. com
  14. Moovly

Let’s discuss it one by one!

  1. Camtasia

It is a versatile video editing app and has screen recording capabilities. It has a simple editing interface that allows for professional video editing. For beginners who want to create engaging content, it is best for those, because it has templates that can be customized. Plus, it has a variety of transitions, effects, free music and audio effects in the Camtasia library.

It has a premium version for 249.99$, you only pay once in life and own the software.

Why did someone choose Camtasia?
  • You can start video editing just by using in-built video templates.
  • With the solutions, users can create an interactive session.
  • It has audio effects and a royalty-free music library.
  1. Final Cut Pro

It is the premium quality with edge-cutting tools and an Apple product. It can harness the performance of MacBooks with the art graphics processors and CPUs, as this software boasts professional-level audio and video editing. You can create eye-catching videos as this is they are a fusion of software and hardware to make flawless videos. It has special effects, filters, enhancement tools, motion graphics and much more. It supports 360-degree videos, RAW formats and HDR materials. It can automatically organize your video clips and share them directly on your Apple devices, online video sites.

One of the most amazing tools of this software is Magnetic Timeline which compares typical video timelines, you can trim and move clips without changing the rest of the video. It has many third-party tools, plug-ins content right straight into the interface of software that allows you to integrate. For easy sharing, you can upload and download files from cloud storage media sites. You can access your materials from any kind of camera or storage device as it can manage and archive your digital files online. It has an enterprise version for 299$.


  • It is an end to end professional editing software.
  • It is optimized for Mac high-performance graphic card, built on robust 64-bit architecture.
  • It has third party integration with a fully extendable system.
  1. video

In one platform combines marketing tools and video editing. It has a comprehensive set of features including free content calendar, video hosting, landing page generator that makes promotional strategies better, enhance engagement for professional marketing. It has a royalty-free stock of music, millions of images, videos in its library. It makes marketing easier through video content as per the requirement. It makes the video more interesting and engaging due to its different transition effects, custom subtitles, animations and automated captions.

You can easily share videos on different social media like Facebook, Twitter platforms after complete editing. Through software embed codes videos can share on websites. For featuring videos it has a landing page generator and free content calendar that enhance conversion.


  • It offers a free content calendar and a pre-built landing page generator.
  • To get easier access between devices, it saves your videos to the cloud.
  • It has a huge library of music, images and free videos.
  1. Adobe Premiere Pro

It has powerful capabilities that help to create professional videos. It supports and works on any device, platform and camera. You can edit video from full length to 30-second video clips either on PC or Mac devices. Through the years it has numerous improvements and every update enhanced its features. Basic to advanced editing you can access tools and features to create spectacular videos. You can transfer clips from one video project to another, works on different projects at a time and switch scenes. Adobe Premiere Pro has simple and precise colour grading, complex VR editing, responsive interface, for audio improvement has slider sound panels and smooth workflow. This software gives you robust creative suits by integrating with other Adobe products. You can access online connections from any device due to its Creative Cloud Adobe products. It has various price packages for professionals, students, businesses, organizations, universities etc. You can get the subscription for a month or year for a complete CC package that includes all Adobe apps or just select a single app.



  • It has a variety of features and capabilities which is fully packed and loaded.
  • It has many premium versions at different prices which is affordable according to your requirement.
  • On macOS and windows, it supports formats for audio, video, image and much more.
  1. VideoPad

It is a free video editing software for freelancers and SMEs. It has easily navigable tools for video editing tools which are designed for iOS devices, windows, android and Mac. You can do any type of edit in this software whether to trim or add effects or use visual elements. Within minutes you can create professional videos as it has a simple interface. It has more advanced features to create smooth videos. It has audio editing options so you don’t need to use another platform for audio editing. For video stabilization, 360-degree video editing, 3D editing it has many tools. VideoPad integrates with other social media platforms like Vimeo, YouTube so users can easily share videos on such platforms.

For non-commercial use, VideoPad is free available. It has limited transitions and effects with basic functions. Get advanced features you have to pay for its paid version, it starts from 2.77$-99$ per month. You can enhance the platform abilities by choosing from add-ons.


  • It supports 360 video editing and 3D.
  • It offers audio editing which includes sound effect application, multi-track mixing and narration recording.
  • It has a drag and drop interface with an extensive media library.
  1. InVideo

It is an online video editing software to create your video content. It offers a variety of pre-built video templates for marketing videos, article videos, to promote brand and product ads. It has all basic editing tools including trimming options, transitions, filters and animations to make your video flawless. You can edit video in no time as its features are very easy to use to create professional videos.

You can easily create and design promotional videos using a wide variety of video and music libraries. You can make your video demanding for your viewers and customers by using a huge range of audio and graphics.

It offers two price packages, Small business and unlimited. Small businesses start at 20$ per month or 10$ per month annually. Unlimited starts at 60$ per month and 30$ per month billed for a year.


  • Make your videos more engaging and interesting it has a variety of fun stickers.
  • It supports multiple languages and accents due to its automated text-to-speech option.
  • You can add social media posts to your article videos as they offer social widgets.
  1. Videobolt Pro

      It is easy to use a cloud-based editing platform. To create commercial videos it is best for businesses and individuals who want quick editing. It has a huge range of professional templates, you can take advantage of them by customizing these templates. Apart from trim and splice tools it also offers stock footage, brand library, cloud-based rendering and media library. Cloud-based rendering features help user to free their computer from other activities.


Videobolt Pro allows creating quick corporate videos for those who have no time for intricate video production, social media posts, brand awareness campaigns, data have driven video marketing and much more. This software has different modules for Facebook and Instagram stories, logo intros and music visualization. These features can help businesses to create engaging video content on the web in a more interesting way. In this software, users can collaborate with tools like team-level access to create customizable templates.

Its premium version starts with 267$ per month and for annual billing 3200$.


  • Professional animators use customizable templates to increase work turnaround.
  • You can save investing in expensive hardware maintenance by Cloud-rendering.
  • The web video interface is easy and simple to use.
  1. Lumen5

You can create engaging videos in minutes for business by using this software. From existing blog posts and articles, users can create videos with this software. Lumen5 can fetch automatically content from articles to occupy storyboards. Through pre-built templates, users can create videos from scratch for many purposes such as for YouTube and Instagram. Watermark and log for the specific company also can add to match company branding, as well as color themes and choices, can be customised. It has a searchable media library, users can access millions of audio clips, video clips and images.

Users can fully optimize every video that they want to create to improve conversion. It has different aspects ratios and resolution for videos including 480p, 720p and 1080p and has special formats.


  • It offers a library of video templates for Instagram stories and YouTube.
  • Content from blog posts and articles Lumen5 automatically occupy storyboards.
  • You can use messaging with a letterbox format like used in viral meme videos.
  1. iMovie

For Apple devices, it is a free video editing tool. You can download it from the Apple store for macOS desktop, iOS smartphones and tablets. It provides tools for editing video clips, applying filters and effects, local and cloud storage files can be shareable and adding music and titles. You can use iMovie from all of your Apple devices. You can produce animated credits and titles by using 4K video had many styles on iMovie. You can apply different filters on different video clips or your entire video.

iMovie offers more effects on its latest version, allowing to highlight the action by changing the speed.  You can change background, split-screen and apply green screen effects on macOS. It has some in-built tools for voice over, audio elements and music.


  • It is ideal for Video sharing and viewing online.
  • It is a free, easy to use and user-friendly interface.
  • It has a variety of effects, filters, templates and styles.
  1. BeeCut

BeeCut is best for video editing for individuals, companies, and small businesses. Compare to professional video editing tools, this software has a low learning curve. It has ready to use video transitions, filters, effects for editing. It also allows video stabilization, audio editing, video intros and multiple timeline layers. You can create marketing content as well as educational, social media posts and presentations. It has apps for Android and iOS to edit video and upload it within your devices.

BeeCut has different price plans i.e. personal plans and business plans. The personal plan starts at 29.95$-59.95$ while the business plan is at 79.95-159.90$.


  • Advanced features like video stabilization, multiple video ratio support.
  • Through mobile apps also video can edit.
  • Pre-built library.

The bottom line

Now you have top editing apps and software list for android, PC to upload amazing videos on Instagram, YouTube and for other users according to your requirements. If you enhance your video editing skills try these apps to edit videos. There are plenty of video editing apps to choose from whether you are looking for Instagram, YouTube, Facebook. Before choosing an app make sure its features are available in the free version and also check its price plan if you afford paid version to use advanced features or plan to upgrade in future.